The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Sex Toy

Thankfully, a lot has changed about how people view and use sex toys since our parents were young. Instead of being seen as a lesser substitute for a sexual relationship with another person, using and owning a sex toy is now thought of as an…

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Couples Guide to Adult play

Sex lives in relationships don’t have to fizzle out; couples have the opportunity to please each other using highly stimulating sex toys for them both to enjoy, such as our Funn Buddies collection. Sex toys are commonly thought to be used for solo entertainment; this guide…

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Your Own Personal Massagers: The Funn Buddies

Many women use pleasure toy massagers all over the world. An individual may not admit to it, but most people around you probably have some massaging toy at hand. These small yet powerful toys have multiple benefits, including intense orgasms, pleasure, and power. Femme Funn…

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