Orgasms 101: Everything You Need to Know for Better Orgasms

While there’s really no such thing as a bad orgasm, even a good thing can always be a little bit better, right? Fierce, fabulous women that hustle hard all day deserve nights filled with toe-curling, life-changing orgasms – the kind of screaming O’s we’re all…

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Couples Guide to Adult play

Sex lives in relationships don’t have to fizzle out; couples have the opportunity to please each other using highly stimulating sex toys for them both to enjoy, such as our Funn Buddies collection. Sex toys are commonly thought to be used for solo entertainment; this guide…

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Angela’s Delightful Funn Plug Experience

Angela has always been a fan of anal plugs with multiple vibration modes. Using these pleasure toys were her absolute favorite, and needed a change from her regularly used toys.  She asked for professional recommendations as to where to buy funn plugs. A sex toy…

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